Thursday, June 21, 2007

Smelly bag, smelly bag, what are they feeding you?

Hello all, long time no blog. To sum up my trip - no Abbotts, because the Boyfriend was being a bastard, as usual. Hmph. I did have lobster, but it wasn't quite the same as the whole Abbott's experience.

So here is a strange thing that happened to me recently, wondering if any of you have had similar bizarre experiences. I bought two metallic doctor bags from Intuition a couple of months ago, and only started using them recently. I had my silver one when I was caught in the rain and the bag got wet - and when I went into have coffee with a friend and get out of the rain, I realized my bag stank like dead, rotting fish. I'm really not exagerrating here. I turned to her and said "my bag smells like a pound of fish died in it and then got microwaved" to which she replied "you're so silly, let me smell it" and promptly gagged. When I got home, I smelled my gold one, and there was definitely hints of Eau de Spoiled Salmon. I've been airing both bags out on my terrace, and finally decided to febreze the inside of the silver one - I just hope that now it doesn't become a combo of rotting fish and febreze, then I would probably have to burn it.

On another bag note, I would like to voice my frustration to the world. I stood on line last Thursday to get the Anya Hindmarch "I'm not a plastic bag". I stood on line for over an hour, got RIGHT in front of the store, and THEY SOLD OUT. ARRRRRRRGGGHHH!!!! Okay I feel better now.

Onto some cute finds I'm really hoping will not sell out:

Toms Classic Slip-on Shoes
from Intuition ($38) I love the red plaid!!

Now, some finds from a recently-discovered website, Boston Proper:

I'm in LOVE with this Navy Crest Blazer on sale for $109 - I was reading a Vogue/Elle/Something the other day, and sure enough I saw a Nautical Crested Jacket by Nicholas Ghesquiere that looks strikingly similar, but costs about 3 month's worth of rent:

French Terry Tunic on sale for $79:

Following the tunic craze this summer, the Coral Baubles Tunic on sale for $129:

Chiffon Poppy Print dress
($159) .. Poppy prints a la Oscar de la Renta...

And last but not least, Ruffle-placket stripe shirt on sale for $29!!!!!!! LOVE this one!
And from Pink Mascara - Tart Marianne Strapless Dress ($169)
And now, signing off with a fun find from Fred Flare -

Sleepy Dog Wrist Cushion ($16) You know everybody at work will be soooo jealous...