Monday, February 26, 2007

Nautical bargains..

Last night's Oscars was eh. I thought most of it was cheesy and boring. Ellen was alright, she started off strong but started fizzling halfway through. The highlight for me was the sound effect chorus - I thought that was so crazy! I don't understand why they're leaving 45 seconds for speeches - I mean, maybe we don't need to hear the costume designer drone on for 3 minutes, but they should have let Jennifer Hudson speak! If you've ever seen "Oscar's Greatest Moments" videos, most of the "moments" are people's acceptance speeches.. We don't need to see random montages of movies that make no sense, just let the people make jokes/thank their agents/cry!

My favorite best dressed, in no particular order: Reese Witherspoon, Penelope Cruz, Helen Mirren, and Diane Keaton. YES, Diane Keaton. No one is talking about her, and I can't even find her picture online! It's about time she stopped dressing like Annie Hall on acid, and her dress was elegant and flattering. I hope someone pays attention to the fact that she looked amazing last night, for a change.

On to some nautical bargain buys.. This shopping diet is getting very hard, especially at these prices. From Wet Seal (of all places!):

Bow Front Stripe Cami

Big button trench coat

Kanga Pocket Striped Dress ($19.50) [I love this one!!]
Heart and Anchor tee ($14.50):

And last and least - which is amazing, this Nautical Chain Belt for {drumroll} $4.99!
Wet Seal also has free shipping on all orders over $70 - which is a nice change from the usual $100 that most sites offer. The coat, dress and belt have me supremely tempted....

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Chicken soup and the Oscars..

I've had the worst cold for the past couple of days, therefore why I was MIA. But I'm finally feeling well enough to sit in front of my computer and blog for a while, instead of lying in bed dying... Which isn't too bad on a snowy night like tonight, but the first part of the Oscars will be boring because the acting awards aren't until the end.

I've found a couple of cute things online lately, which I have made mental note of until my shopping diet is over.

The first, cute pink and navy bow slip-ons from Delia's, on sale for $20!
They look really comfy, too. Really cute with a jean skirt!

Next up, mini floral handbags from Intuition.. I'm usually not a flower-print person, but I actually think these are sweet! I like the Chanel-ish handles too. ($120):
Some more happy warm thoughts with this really cute Academy Bikini from Kushcush ($152):
I love the argyle-esque print and the colors! I can't wait to be tan... and not from the electric beach, either..

I'm also considering buying this belt from Nantucket Knotworks this summer, probably in pink and green. I've eyed it ever since I discovered the website, but I've only ever bought the bracelets. I like the fact that you can choose pretty much any color combo you want, and it's different and unique from the millions of ribbon belts out there, but still very preppy.
Lastly as I sign off to return to my sick bed, I think this tshirt is hysterical for all the single men in your lives - friends, brothers, cousins, etc.. from Busted Tees:

'Nuff said.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Shopping diet, and some hits for spring & summer..

I thought I would try to give up shopping, in an attempt to be, ahem, "fiscally responsible". Yeah. It's not going so well. I haven't bought anything yesterday or today, but I've definitely seen about 20 things I would really like to get. Including the following from J. Crew - I'm not always a fan of the crabs/lobsters/whales/etc alllll over clothing, but on these critter polos, I love the pink hippos and the black anchors! ($49.50 each)

There is no way this shopping diet of mine is going to stick. I know what will happen - I'll end up saving a bunch of money, only to say "okay, 3 weeks are over" and then I will probably go nuts buying everything I've seen and liked over the past 3 weeks.

Onto more happy dreams of spring.. I'm craazy about all metallic handbags, and I've purchased two metallic doctor bags from Intuition (I would post the pic, but they sold out & are no longer on the site - I'll take a picture and post when they arrive in April). The "Miroir" line from Louis Vuitton, however, is the ultimate - I love the speedy in silver and gold:
[Sorry if the picture is hard to see, but you can't find many pics of them online because they're special order only..]
I also kinda like this new Fendi bag, although Fendi is probably one of my least favorite designer labels, because I don't like their logo.. but I think this Crossword Grande Mirrored Bag (at $2,230) is really cool, and if you see it in person, it really sparkles:
Last but not least, what I think will be one of "the" dresses for spring.. It's been all over websites and fashion mags.. That being said, "mini" does not begin to describe it. I don't think it's physically possible to bend, sit, or even move in most directions without flashing the world. There has been alot of buzz about this dress, and I love eyelet, but I do wish they made it in other colors. It's the Milly A-Line Mini Dress ($338):
Even though I do think this dress is cute, in the price range that this dress is going for, I would probably go for a DvF dress over this one. She has to be one of my favorite dress designers (along with Cavalli) and I think her dresses are ultra feminine, timeless, classic, and extremely sexy. I especially love her vintage prints. One of the ones I like this spring is the Avara Wrap Dress in Large Scattered Ginko Green ($365):
I looked in my closet the other day, and realized that close to 40% of the dresses that I own are various shades of green.. I really need to start branching out on color.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Manhattan is defrosting..

I really should have taken an umbrella today, because the amount of water dripping off of the buildings and melting in the streets was unreal! The streets were really disgusting, and being that all the brown and black snow was liquifying all over my feet, I decided to take some action. Shopping action, of course. And I'm thrilled with my newest purchase, rain boots by Chooka:
This is the only picture online, and it's not a great angle, but it's called "Sailor City" and online they are selling it for $69.95, but I found it in a store for $49! Score! The anchor on the front and the "LOVE" graphic make it look alot like an Ed Hardy boot, but I think it's cuter. And I could definitely wear it in the spring with a jean skirt & leggings without looking stupid.

My other purchase of the day was finally caving and buying this dress I had been eyeing from Victoria's Secret. I've never actually bought any clothing from them before, just underwear in the stores. If Victoria's Secret put their clothing (and especially bathing suits) in their stores, they would make alot more money. So we'll see how this Striped Smocked Dress ($49) will fit when it finally gets to me in April..
Can't wait to pair it with my strappy gold espadrille-heeled sandals from Banana Republic from last summer, and a straw bag with gold trim.. Maybe the Kate Spade Tinsbury Monaco - but I feel like this dress would do better with something that looks a little more beachy and informal.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Happy Birthday Mr. Presidents..

TGIPD... Thank God it's Presidents Day! It was about time for a long weekend. Although I must admit, I'm planning on spending the entirety of this day indoors.. I really don't like duking it out at stores that are having sales. It's just not fun for me. I love getting deals and bargains, but I like doing it without throwing elbows and getting my eye poked out by flying hangers. I was going to attempt to be active and go to the gym, but #1 - it's freezing outside, and #2 my friend went and called me to let me know everyone and their mother had the same idea, and there's a 2 hour wait for an elliptical. So instead I've been sitting here playing around with Photoshop.. as you can see..

I did however make a recent purchase which I am so excited to wear. It's the Juicy Hooded Fleece Dress ($128) in Navy (it also comes in white and green, but I liked the blue the best). It's really comfortable, and actually looks alot better in person than on this model. Can't wait to wear it to the beach or just bumming around this summer..

I also found two more Juicy outfits that I really like.. This Cropped Jacket & Cuffed Shorts combo (jacket - $298, shorts $148):
I like the way they put the whole look together, but the shorts could be iffy for me... I don't really have Kate Moss thighs to pull it off. But I love the jacket - I have a similar one that was handed down to me by my mom, a vintage navy cropped jacket with a peter pan collar.. But I like the buttons on the Juicy one.

I also like the Juicy Tennis Accessories outfit, minus the shirt (jacket $158, skirt $88):
I wish that the pink was darker, because I think it has the possibility of washing me out. I'll have to swing by the Juicy store to check it out in person (I'll take any excuse to go there that I can get!)

I hope everyone is having a great long weekend!

Saturday, February 17, 2007

My new pet!

I am so excited about this.. I got a late Valentine's Day present from someone very special, and I am ecstatic! It's the Porte-Monnaie Billets Viennois wallet from Louis Vuitton, and I love love love it.. and it really is my new pet, but not in a disgusting Jessica Simpson-y way (her bizarre obsession with her Murakami Speedy). But I must admit I have been molesting it ever since I unwrapped it.. It's the perfect size for me, stores all of my crap without bulging, and I love the French purse style.. sigh.. it was a good V-Day after all.. It's also really nice when someone takes enough notice of something you like and gets it for you.. Aah.. Well, while I write the rest of this post, I will just sit here petting it...
Moving on..

I found these two things at Urban Outfitters.. This Lux Plaid Button Golf Skirt for $38 is kinda cute, and I like the shoes they paired with it - I saw them in the store, but not online. Just don't be scared by the extreme skinniness and freakishly long arms of this model -
I would pair this with a dusty pink polo or tank top. I like the plaid because it doesn't look like you're secretly wearing your high school uniform - and I love pink and navy combos.

Also at Urban, these adorable boat shoes for $28.. Can't get enough of nautical! (you're going to see alot of this trend in coming posts, so I'm just going to stop making excuses for my obsession now, haha)

Last but not least, I stumbled upon this really interesting website, Planet Jill. Apparently I am behind the times on this one, being that Britney (who now resembles Mr. Clean - so sad) and other celebs discovered this a long time ago. Anyhoo, it's a great jewelry company that makes custom necklaces, bracelets and keychains with any photo you want. The keychain is $70, and the necklace (with 1 photo charm) is $90, which I think are fantastic prices for such personalized gifts!

I think it's a really creative way to display loved ones, be it children, significant others, or even pets! (And no, I am not going to get a necklace with a picture of my new wallet around my neck.) You can get more than one charm, in black and white or color. And they will crop it any way you want! I am thinking of getting a necklace for my grandmother for Mother's Day with all of her grandchildren on it, in separate charms.

I think my wallet is purring...

Thursday, February 15, 2007

A chocolate hangover..

Is what I have, after my well meaning mother bought me about 2 lbs of my favorite chocolates: dark chocolate - covered marzipan, orange creams, and Italian creams for Valentine's day.. They're from my favorite chocolatier, Aigner Chocolates (formerly Krause's Candy Kitchen). All of their chocolate is made on the premises, and it's a family run business that's been around for ages... Yumm... That *whoosh* sound you might have just heard was my "diet" officially flying out the window..

Let me start off by thanking Melissa at Perfectly Pink, Mrs. P from Chic and the CT Prep for sending me some love and letting me know I am not alone out here in Bloggerland talking to myself! I read all of your great blogs, and finally was inspired to start one myself.. So thanks for the support!

Because of this wonderful weather we have been having in the northeast, I have been living in constant fear of developing what Perez Hilton likes to call "zombie hands". I get a weekly manicure, but I have been pretty delinquent moisturizing the rest of the time. Well, move over Neutrogena Norwegian Formula, the real best hand cream has just stepped up... and it's Fresh's Sugar Blossom Hand Treatment from Sephora for $38. This has to be the best hand cream investment I have made. I've loved this for a while - in fact, whenever I would pass a Sephora, I used to go in, find this, use the tester, and leave.. teehee.. But I finally bought it when my hands started getting dry, cracked, and bleeding - it is really light, non-greasy, and has this great lemony smell that is not overpowering at all, and your hands will feel like they just got out of paraffin.. I highly recommend it!

Being that summer is right around the corner (in my ever-optimistic mind), I've jumped on the bandwagon to be obsessed with all things nautical. I'm glad to see this preppy trend becoming more in the mainstream! I found these cute braided sandals at the Gap for $30, but they're currently having a 20% off sale online until the 19th - enter the code SPRING02 at checkout. These sandals come in black and light olive, but navy blue is my favorite. I wish they made them in red!
I tried them on in the store and they look really cute on - especially with a pair of cuffed jeans.

Now that I've found a nautical bikini (the Le French), nautical sandals, it's time for a nautical beach bag.. I've found these fun four options at Espadrilles Etc, a company that is based in Spain. These are the Estay bags in navy or red, at $135 each:
I love the big rope handles, and the espadrille bottom. Can't decide which color I like better.. These next ones are the Tesoro bag for $112 - they're definitely campy, but I think it's fun! Plus it combines metallics and the nautical theme:
My desperation for summer is really starting to show. I slipped and fell on the ice today in front of a travel agency - do you think that's a sign?

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's Day, more food-related jewelry, and snow!

It finally snowed! The fact that it had to be today of all days really kills me, though. I had some serious plans tonight that I'm sure are going to end up being cancelled.

But, all that aside -


No better way to start off this sweet holiday than with a couple of sweet necklaces.. I think that my attempt at dieting is psychologically backfiring, and I'm now starting to wear food around my neck! These adorable cupcakes and ice cream cones are by iHotto for $35 each:

I think I might have to get one.. I caved and bought the strawberries yesterday - I got a large red and a large pink, just in time for V-Day!

February is always a weird shopping month. It's the remnants of winter, and the very beginnings of spring. I hate shopping this time of year, because it's always around now (i.e. the first real snow) that I realize that I need something like winter boots, and of course all the stores are sold out, or everything is on sale, and nothing in my size. But with this season begins the trickling in of new stuff for spring and summer, which I always feel somewhat silly buying because, lets face it, there's 4 inches of snow on the ground.

That being said, I'm crazy about this new bag from Kate Spade. The "Tisbury Monaco" bag is $325, and I think I'm going to have to get it.

I'm in desperate need of a straw/wicker bag, and I think this might be it. I bought a great white and gold woven clutch (the "Havana Lawnchair") from Kate Spade last summer, which had this adorable pink and green polka dot lining. This has a plain purple lining, which is just fine by me - I found a doctor bag that I loved last year, but it had the ugliest lining I'd ever seen. It really looked like someone threw up in the bag.

I think this could definitely be the best alternative to a plain straw bag that I've seen sofar. It also comes in orange and white leather, but I think the gold is the most versatile. Not to mention that although everyone is saying that metallics are "in" again for spring/summer, I think that you can always use metallic pieces in those seasons, no matter what the stupid fashion magazines say.

I just saw some poor guy take a huge digger outside on the street in the snow. On that note, lets move on to bathing suits, shall we? I just discovered Island Company and I LOVE it! Adorable bathing suits at great prices! Lately most of my bathing suits, besides the Vix ones at Bloomies, I find at Old Navy - they fit great, and I just bought the cutest preppy navy and kelly green one for 30 bucks!

But now that I've found these, I'm definitely going to have to order them. My favorites sofar are the Rugby stripe bikini ($92):
And the nautical Le French ($94):

But honestly I like most of the bikinis! it's going to be so hard to decide which ones to get...
The boardshorts for guys are nice too, but I would recommend them only for the taller men in your lives- I find sometimes that trunks that come to the knee on short guys tends to make them look pretty stubby.

Well, I don't know if anyone is actually reading this besides me, but have a happy valentine's day everyone, and if you're in the northeast, stay warm and bundled up.. all the while dreaming of bathing suits, sun, and sand.... Sigh.....

Monday, February 12, 2007

My first post!

So I'd better make it good! Just a disclaimer, I'm completely new to blogging, so sorry if this site is looking a bit wonky, I'm trying to play with the HTML and all these other things (aka I have no idea what I am doing)... If anyone has any tips or suggestions, please let me know!

Firstly - trying to decide how I feel about the new trend in fruit necklaces - the only kind I really like are the strawberries. These ones are from Intuition and are $25 a pop..

I love the red, white and pink ones.. I've found a great little jewelry store that has practically the same things for $20 each, also in varying sizes.. But I'm not sure - I was going to get a big red and pink strawberry, with a little white one. What do you all think?

I also found these boots - let me start by saying I'm not an Ugg fan AT ALL. But I think that these Koolaburra boots are pretty cool, and they appeal to the rock&roll side of me.. Tatu had some great ones last year - more of the boot had a painted design - but this year they were pretty dissapointing. New this year is Kettle Black, at Montecito Sports

These are the ones I like:
But for $400, I think in my case those are better left lusted after... for now..

The boots that I really wanted all winter long were these cable knit sweater guys from Delias, they were on sale for $50 when I found them:
But they never had my size in brown (they also came in grey) and I kept checking the site, but now they're all gone.. I will occasionally look on eBay but it's a lost cause... Sigh.. I loved these boots..