Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Manhattan is defrosting..

I really should have taken an umbrella today, because the amount of water dripping off of the buildings and melting in the streets was unreal! The streets were really disgusting, and being that all the brown and black snow was liquifying all over my feet, I decided to take some action. Shopping action, of course. And I'm thrilled with my newest purchase, rain boots by Chooka:
This is the only picture online, and it's not a great angle, but it's called "Sailor City" and online they are selling it for $69.95, but I found it in a store for $49! Score! The anchor on the front and the "LOVE" graphic make it look alot like an Ed Hardy boot, but I think it's cuter. And I could definitely wear it in the spring with a jean skirt & leggings without looking stupid.

My other purchase of the day was finally caving and buying this dress I had been eyeing from Victoria's Secret. I've never actually bought any clothing from them before, just underwear in the stores. If Victoria's Secret put their clothing (and especially bathing suits) in their stores, they would make alot more money. So we'll see how this Striped Smocked Dress ($49) will fit when it finally gets to me in April..
Can't wait to pair it with my strappy gold espadrille-heeled sandals from Banana Republic from last summer, and a straw bag with gold trim.. Maybe the Kate Spade Tinsbury Monaco - but I feel like this dress would do better with something that looks a little more beachy and informal.

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Heather said...

love your blog, and love your pic up top.

washington dc was melting yesterday too! I thought it was raining, but it was just the buildings.

I'm going to add you to my blog roll, check mine out too!