Saturday, February 17, 2007

My new pet!

I am so excited about this.. I got a late Valentine's Day present from someone very special, and I am ecstatic! It's the Porte-Monnaie Billets Viennois wallet from Louis Vuitton, and I love love love it.. and it really is my new pet, but not in a disgusting Jessica Simpson-y way (her bizarre obsession with her Murakami Speedy). But I must admit I have been molesting it ever since I unwrapped it.. It's the perfect size for me, stores all of my crap without bulging, and I love the French purse style.. sigh.. it was a good V-Day after all.. It's also really nice when someone takes enough notice of something you like and gets it for you.. Aah.. Well, while I write the rest of this post, I will just sit here petting it...
Moving on..

I found these two things at Urban Outfitters.. This Lux Plaid Button Golf Skirt for $38 is kinda cute, and I like the shoes they paired with it - I saw them in the store, but not online. Just don't be scared by the extreme skinniness and freakishly long arms of this model -
I would pair this with a dusty pink polo or tank top. I like the plaid because it doesn't look like you're secretly wearing your high school uniform - and I love pink and navy combos.

Also at Urban, these adorable boat shoes for $28.. Can't get enough of nautical! (you're going to see alot of this trend in coming posts, so I'm just going to stop making excuses for my obsession now, haha)

Last but not least, I stumbled upon this really interesting website, Planet Jill. Apparently I am behind the times on this one, being that Britney (who now resembles Mr. Clean - so sad) and other celebs discovered this a long time ago. Anyhoo, it's a great jewelry company that makes custom necklaces, bracelets and keychains with any photo you want. The keychain is $70, and the necklace (with 1 photo charm) is $90, which I think are fantastic prices for such personalized gifts!

I think it's a really creative way to display loved ones, be it children, significant others, or even pets! (And no, I am not going to get a necklace with a picture of my new wallet around my neck.) You can get more than one charm, in black and white or color. And they will crop it any way you want! I am thinking of getting a necklace for my grandmother for Mother's Day with all of her grandchildren on it, in separate charms.

I think my wallet is purring...


Melissa said...

I like that navy and pink plaid too! Planet Jill stuff is great isn't it - I have that site and a couple of other similar ones bookmarked - thinking of ordering something as a mother's day gift!

sisters with style said...

I love the navy and plaid skirt. I like the shoes too. Just wanted to let you know that if you liked the too, I found them on Urban Outfitters. They are called the solid Canvas Bow Ballet. Great find.

CTPrep said...

I love the last line of your post! Made me laugh :) Nice wallet lucky girl! Great finds too.