Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Obligatory SATC Post...

We've all seen the movie... I don't need to go there. But thought I would post some fun, considerably affordable finds from the film.

Get yourself some love...
Love Keychain from Intuition ($85, Gold plated or Silver)

And, as opposed to the Timmy Woods bank-breaker, this faux from Intuition as well:

Beaded Eiffel Tower Bag ($75)
Couple of tees from Kitson (once again, obligatory)

Mr. Big tee ($48)

Sex and the City Skyline tee ($48)

Now here is a super affordable piece straight from the movie:

Gold Flower Bridal Brooch with Smoked Topaz
($17.99) Carrie wore this one..

Last but not least, a great alternative to this hot Dior bondage shoe ($780 at Saks) - also on Carrie

Is this one from Steve Madden:

Maddiee (109.95)

Amazing no? I like the snakeskin version better, but I wanted to show the black to show the similarities... The funny thing is I liked this shoe before I even knew it was a Dior!

Gotta love a bargain...

Summertime, and the living is easy..

Too easy perhaps, as I have completely been MIA from this blog. However my new place of employment now provides me with many hours of downtime on the computer, so expect new posts regularly, hooray! I guess I have completely managed to skip over all of spring fashion, but, who cares, summer is funner! (Yeah I know that's not english, but it rhymes, ok?)

Let's dive in, shall we?

First off, this great bathing suit/coverup combo from Vix (I know it's matchy-matchy, but sometimes I like being anal retentive):

Vix Sofia Marley Bathing Suit & Coverup ($130):

And a couple of deals from V. Secret:

Becca by Rebecca Virtue (on sale: top is $51, bottom is $37) Love the colors, but it's also reversible!

Beach Sexy Triangle Beach Set (on sale for $19.99!)
And from Intuition:

Adina Reyter Star Ring in Silver ($63) So adorable, great price!

Canvas Tote with Caramel Trim
- in olive or beige ($75) Classic!
Ashlee Woven Clutch (on sale for $49.99) Crazy colors, but so fun!

Modish Printed Dress in Pink
(on sale for $59.99)

Be.True Stackable Rings ($81) I love that these are square, and great metals!
Last but not least, from one of my faves, Fred Flare:

For those of you that know my blog, you know my obsession with all things nautical:

Anchors Away Carryall ($27)
I'm in love!

"I Am Not A Paper Cup" cup ($22) Eco friendly, not to mention you can still look cool with your Starbucksian style cup..
Since I ended my last post with flowers (and I'm in an eco-friendly mood), how bout these?

Rainy Day Garden ($14 each) choose from Wild Strawberry, Mint, Basil or Chamomile

Sunday, March 23, 2008


Happy Easter!

Spring fever..

Hello all my long lost readers! I apologize for the unannounced hiatus however this winter hasn't exactly been the best for me. Career changes, newly single, family crap - needless to say I am all ready for spring! Here in New York it hasn't exactly felt like it yet, but a girl can dream! I should hopefully be heading to Miami in the coming months so at least I will get my dosage of sun and sand... Many thanks to all who commented on my previous post, I was very pleasantly surprised at the positive response/consensus! Since it is officially spring, I hereby refuse to post anything having to do with anything even slightly reminiscent of winter clothing. Am I thinking too far ahead? Maybe. Do I care? Nope.
First off, what is warm weather without madras?! (This is also to let the Preppy Princess know that I definitely, definitely do not dislike madras in any way shape or form.. or seersucker for that matter!! :-)

Target Xhilaration Plaid Patchwork Swimwear ($14.99 each for top&bottom) I grabbed these the last time I was there, managed to get the last one in my size! You can't beat the price..

Next up, Patchwork Bermudas from American Eagle - on sale for $39.50!
And also on the bargain front, Patchwork Shorts from Delias ($29.50)
I can't wait to get to Miami. And I'm trying to decide if I can justify buying these, because I've been in love with them for months now:

Dolce Vita Athens T-Strap in Brass Gold at Pink Mascara ($92.00) So. In. Love.

The newest from Miss Trish of Capri - Ball and Chain Sandal at Kitson ($245.00)
I'm also lusting after this bikini - it reminds me of a Mexican serape - which reminds me of Mexico.. which depresses me...

Rainbow Bikini at Victoria's Secret (top - $50, bottom $49)
Some finds from Snappy Turtle:

Starfish Shoulder Bag - ($140) Great beach bag..

Roberta Roller Rabbit the Fredericka Kurta
- ($68.00)
Don't ask me about the name of this thing, but I think it looks so great over a white tank.. Yum!

Can't beat the price on this adorable Nantucket-reminiscent necklace from Forever21 -
Whale Necklace ($8.90)
I've been in love with this ring as well, don't know why I haven't bought it yet as the price is phenomenal:
Rachel Leigh: Audrey Bow Ring at Pink Mascara ($44)
Also from Pink Mascara, this adorable T-Bags Bubble Dress in Navy ($176)
Guess I must be on a navy kick, found this great dress at J. McLaughlin

Edie Silk Sheath ($275.00)

Also, found this fantastic clutch - it's so hard to find something completely neutral that you can wear with just about anything in spring/summer, but I think this bamboo one might just do it!

Bamboo Clutch ($150)

Last but not least, I think this is perfect for the New York urban windowsill garden.. Just make sure you don't try to drink them when you're tired/drunk..

Flowers in a Can from Fred Flare ($10)
Oh, I can't wait for spring, with warm temps, blooming flowers, and love (if I'm lucky?)...

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

R.I.P. 2007

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season!! Now, as we go back the to gym to shed the extra calories, and clean out our closets, I thought I should dedicate this post to the trends of 2007 that should stay dead and buried with the year.

  • Tory Burch shoes - sorry to everyone who is a fan, but it's overload! Enough already! The time has passed. Not to mention the 50 million knockoffs of that damned buckle floating around out there. Goodbye!

  • Wide leg trousers - look, I fully realize that we all come in many different shapes - my shape is "large tushie". However, that doesn't mean that we have to put potato sacks on each of our legs! 99% of these pants are just NOT flattering. Go out there, find a pair of pants that works with your shape and flaunt what you've got. And burn these!

  • Weird knitted hippie beanie hats: lets face it, these hats only look good on .2% of the population (this model included). Mostly everyone else looks like their hat is falling off their head. Enough!

  • Not a fashion trend, but still - Alli. It does not work - my friend tried it, and she ended up crapping her pants at work. When they say "uncontrollable bowel movements", they mean it. Dieting and the gym, my friends! Stay away from this stuff! (plus, who knows what they will find out about it down the line...)

  • Stacked heels: I have expounded on this previously. Femininity is a GOOD thing, lets keep it that way. I have two words: Doc Maartens. Oh yeah - sending shivers down your spine? That is how I feel about these clunky shoes. Please, let the new year bring lots of pretty dainty shoes that don't make you look like you have clown feet.

  • High heeled Oxfords: What? That's really all I can say. I never understood it when it came out, and I still don't understand it now. Bleh!

  • Ankle boots with skirts/dresses: NO, NO, NO! Whoever thought that combination would look good was really out of their gourd. I think the fashion mags just got bored and had to come up with a new combination of something. Notice I am trying to give them the benefit of the doubt. Heinous!

  • Sequins: I am all for sequins for holidays/new years eve, but this season has been saturated! Anywhere you look for a cute short dress, your retinas are burned off by the glare! Whatever happened to colors? I love metallics, but geez.. After this season, I think the drag queens are going to see a serious shortage in fabric accoutrements...

  • The Balenciaga Motorcycle bag. I feel like this bag is already 5 years old. I want people to stop carrying it. I am sick of seeing it everywhere. And I do mean everywhere - the fakes on this puppy abound. Move on! There are better options out there!

And last, but most certainly not least, I will end this list by saying that ANYTHING that Britney Spears owns, wears, attempts to wear, touches, breathes on, thinks about, should definitely stay with 2007.
Sorry Brit. Here's hoping you get rid of the crazy in '08.... I'm not holding my breath.