Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Obligatory SATC Post...

We've all seen the movie... I don't need to go there. But thought I would post some fun, considerably affordable finds from the film.

Get yourself some love...
Love Keychain from Intuition ($85, Gold plated or Silver)

And, as opposed to the Timmy Woods bank-breaker, this faux from Intuition as well:

Beaded Eiffel Tower Bag ($75)
Couple of tees from Kitson (once again, obligatory)

Mr. Big tee ($48)

Sex and the City Skyline tee ($48)

Now here is a super affordable piece straight from the movie:

Gold Flower Bridal Brooch with Smoked Topaz
($17.99) Carrie wore this one..

Last but not least, a great alternative to this hot Dior bondage shoe ($780 at Saks) - also on Carrie

Is this one from Steve Madden:

Maddiee (109.95)

Amazing no? I like the snakeskin version better, but I wanted to show the black to show the similarities... The funny thing is I liked this shoe before I even knew it was a Dior!

Gotta love a bargain...

Summertime, and the living is easy..

Too easy perhaps, as I have completely been MIA from this blog. However my new place of employment now provides me with many hours of downtime on the computer, so expect new posts regularly, hooray! I guess I have completely managed to skip over all of spring fashion, but, who cares, summer is funner! (Yeah I know that's not english, but it rhymes, ok?)

Let's dive in, shall we?

First off, this great bathing suit/coverup combo from Vix (I know it's matchy-matchy, but sometimes I like being anal retentive):

Vix Sofia Marley Bathing Suit & Coverup ($130):

And a couple of deals from V. Secret:

Becca by Rebecca Virtue (on sale: top is $51, bottom is $37) Love the colors, but it's also reversible!

Beach Sexy Triangle Beach Set (on sale for $19.99!)
And from Intuition:

Adina Reyter Star Ring in Silver ($63) So adorable, great price!

Canvas Tote with Caramel Trim
- in olive or beige ($75) Classic!
Ashlee Woven Clutch (on sale for $49.99) Crazy colors, but so fun!

Modish Printed Dress in Pink
(on sale for $59.99)

Be.True Stackable Rings ($81) I love that these are square, and great metals!
Last but not least, from one of my faves, Fred Flare:

For those of you that know my blog, you know my obsession with all things nautical:

Anchors Away Carryall ($27)
I'm in love!

"I Am Not A Paper Cup" cup ($22) Eco friendly, not to mention you can still look cool with your Starbucksian style cup..
Since I ended my last post with flowers (and I'm in an eco-friendly mood), how bout these?

Rainy Day Garden ($14 each) choose from Wild Strawberry, Mint, Basil or Chamomile