Monday, May 21, 2007

Almost officially summer!

I'm a bad, bad blogger. I know. I wish I had enough time to keep on top of this! I'm leaving on Friday for a week long vacation (hallelujah) and perhaps will have some time to sit back with a laptop in front of a pool with a drink (ahhhh..) and catch up some more! But I've got to tell you - I am most looking forward to the one trip that really symbolizes the start of summer for me. And that, my friends, is the trip to Abbotts Lobster in Noank, CT. If you are ever in that neighborhood, it is WELL worth the trip! Usually I get there via car, but this time I'm actually going by boat! So exciting! This little place is tucked down the end of a little road, and they have the best lobsters, clams, crabcakes, etc. It's not really a restaurant, more of a pick up your lobsters at a counter and sit down with plastic cutlery. But you can't beat the quality and the view.. It's BYOB but there's a cute little package store just up the road... I can't wait - that really signals the beginning of summer for me..

Since I'm going to be going in the evening, and by boat (windy, ouch) I think I will have to dress relatively warm. So this gives me the perfect time to showcase one of my new purchases that I grabbed up at Bloomies a couple of months ago, the Aqua Deep V-Neck :
(it looks alot better when worn with a nice pair of jeans as opposed to a bathing suit - don't know why they did that, weird) I also got it in white, but on the website it shows the stripe as red and green - it's actually red white and blue.

I can't wait to break out some of my summer stock of clothes this coming week. And of course, there's always excuses to buy more. Here are some things I've had my eye on:

Vineyard Vines Patchwork Skirt
I saw this on a girl on Madison Ave the other day and I thought the skirt was just too cute.. it's a neat twist on madras patchwork which is almost in overabundance this season...

From Intuition, I don't know how these are going to look on me, but I think they're great (and would probably come in handy on a boat!!) And I LOVE the colors!

Echo Striped Knit Headbands ($20 each)
A couple more finds from Intuition:

Steven Alan Pocket Shirt Dresses
($175) So versatile, easy. You can dress them up or down - love them!!
And this great White and Denim Travel Bag ($75) This could also make a great beach bag...
In keeping with the white/blue, I found this great caftan dress on Pink Mascara:

Rachel Pally Print Short Caftan ($255)
It looks so cute and comfortable.. and would be great with a tan..

Also from Rachel Pally, this happy yellow Mini Crochet Dress ($229):
Yellow is the color this season - I'm not one of the lucky ones, it's really hard to find a yellow that looks good on me. But I love this dress...

And last but not least, this Paul Frank Psychic Kitty tshirt from Fred Flare just makes me laugh:
It actually kinda reminds me of my 2nd grade teacher. Hmmm..

Thursday, May 3, 2007

#1 on my shitlist: Writers of Grey's Anatomy!

I AM SO AGGRAVATED RIGHT NOW! This Addison spin-off is TERRIBLE! And the writers must have known it would be terrible, otherwise they wouldn't be FORCING Grey's fans to sit through 90% of the bad acting and bad writing to get our fix of 10% of the real Grey's!

Poor Taye Diggs, he's the only one who is relatively ok in this, but I can already hear the toilet flushing on this show... And Amy Brennemen as a west coaster? That's the biggest joke of all. You couldn't get a paler, dowdier, more cynical east-coaster for that role if you tried.

AAAHH! I keep switching the channel to other things, and then switching back and missing the real show... Writers - I HATE YOU FOR MAKING ME SIT THROUGH THIS CRAP IN ORDER TO WATCH GREY'S!

Update - worst. grey's. episode. ever.