Thursday, May 3, 2007

#1 on my shitlist: Writers of Grey's Anatomy!

I AM SO AGGRAVATED RIGHT NOW! This Addison spin-off is TERRIBLE! And the writers must have known it would be terrible, otherwise they wouldn't be FORCING Grey's fans to sit through 90% of the bad acting and bad writing to get our fix of 10% of the real Grey's!

Poor Taye Diggs, he's the only one who is relatively ok in this, but I can already hear the toilet flushing on this show... And Amy Brennemen as a west coaster? That's the biggest joke of all. You couldn't get a paler, dowdier, more cynical east-coaster for that role if you tried.

AAAHH! I keep switching the channel to other things, and then switching back and missing the real show... Writers - I HATE YOU FOR MAKING ME SIT THROUGH THIS CRAP IN ORDER TO WATCH GREY'S!

Update - worst. grey's. episode. ever.


J's Crew said...

It wasn't THAT bad, although I did want more of the real story line. But lots of eye candy, Taye, the guy from Wings, and surfer dude's body (not the face, just the bod) mmm, mmm, good!!!

Cloggsy said...