Monday, April 30, 2007

Back in action...

Well hello everyone... I realize I've been completely MIA, and I wish I could say the reasons were good, but they are not. I actually had 4 close friends lose relatives in the space of a week, one of whom was lost in the Virginia Tech tragedy. It's been a sobering reminder of how short and important life is, and how few moments we really have on this earth. On a positive note, it's reaffirmed my latest life choice to pursue the career and life I want while I'm young - life is too short to waste doing things you don't love.

But onto happier thoughts - the weather has been warm and beautiful and it looks like summer is right around the corner.. so onto my long list of recent finds to make up for my absence!

Fred Flare Hot Sunglasses Beach Towel ($20) .. considering I have a sunglass fetish, this is RIGHT up my alley:

And now, onto tons of summery dresses!

For the nautical look, AKA New York Solid Laced Front Mini Dress ($318) from ShopBop:

Mara Hoffman Ruffle Mini Dress ($341) from Pink Mascara:

A timeless evening piece (might have to get this).. Lewis Cho One Shoulder Dress ($207) from Shopbop:

The CK Bradley aptly named Charlotte dress - doesn't it remind you of something Charlotte from S&C would wear? ($350):

Next up, my new favorite site, Cotton Island. Hailing from the state where everything is bigger, this Dallas store near SMU is chock full of great stuff! Not to mention FREE ground shipping!

T-Bags Purple, Yellow and Brown Twist Short Strap Dress

Pink Polka Dot White and Brown Print Holiday Dress ($128):

Alice and Trixie White Bianca Dress with Pink and Orange flowers ($250)

Now you have to have some cute flats and accessories... also from Cotton Island:

Matisse Inspire Silver flats - also in gold ($59)
And I'll round out my post with a connection to my little spiel about life earlier... These bracelets from Dillon Rogers, $40 each, in "Follow Your Dreams" and "Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much" ..

Good daily reminders for us all.


suburban prep said...

Love the charlotte dress.

Tres Poshe Preppy said...

I too love the Charlotte dress!

Glad you're back and I think it's great that you are following your dreams! When you find what it is that you love and will make you happy, that is awesome (even better when you're young). Good luck to you!