Friday, April 6, 2007

Anchors Aweigh..

Well, my Victoria's Secret striped dress finally got to me yesterday, very exciting - the XS fits and I am pining for summer so I can actually wear it, dammit! I have to keep thinking of summer, to keep from being depressed - talk about depressing, I just found out that my company hasn't deducted City Tax from my paychecks the entire time I've been working for them. Because they "didn't know where I lived". I've just been working there for ages, but they have no idea where I live, just that I'm a New York State resident. Uh - huh. Basically, no refund for me, I have to pay them. I was just on the phone w/Payroll screaming for about 20 minutes, so I am in need of some retail therapy, before I have to give the rest of my $$$ to the IRS. (Thanks for the good luck wishes with the new job search, it is much appreciated!)

This bathing suit has reignited my nautical obsession. I think its SO HOT - but I don't know how I'd look in it, only because I find bandeau tops to be extremely unflattering:

Victoria's Secret Nautical Cut-out One Piece ($120)

Also found this nautical Navy Stripe Chain Bracelet ($22) at Guess:
Next up, a very Audrey Raffia Hat from Intuition (comes in two colors, $65):
This t-shirt from Island Company ($32) is really speaking to me right now:



Heather said...

that bracelet is sooo cute!!

Tres Poshe Preppy said...

Love the hats, I have a few quite similar!