Monday, April 2, 2007

I've got a case of the mean reds..

Hello my pretties.. The reason for my recent bouts of non-posting is due to the fact that I am currently attempting to switch jobs, interviewing and blah blah blah, which has taken up 90% of my free time and sapped my mental and emotional energy. The other 10% I manage to spend sleeping. This process really stinks, but I definitely need to make the switch. I've had a streak of bad luck when it comes to jobs, for some reason I guess I must have this internal "psycho boss and coworkers" magnet. And it's very, very strong.

But I think this week should be considerably calmer (now that I said that, it won't be) so hopefully I can return to blogging regularly.

Next up - Lisa, I'm so bummed about the cardigan from Ben Sherman! Story of my life - I always wait and marinate on stuff like that, and then when I get around to deciding to buy it, it's gone! On the upside, I did shop the Bloomie's private sale last week and I got three fab sweaters from Aqua - two are cricket sweater style, and one is a navy double breasted blazer-sweater. So I guess I made up for it. I also decided to buy the Kenneth Jay Lane white flower ring from Pink Mascara that I posted about previously.

Back to the mean reds -

Holly Golightly sleep mask ($12) at Fred Flare

LOVE IT! It's practically exact to the one that she wore in the movie.

Some more, un-Audrey related fun from Fred Flare:

Hangout Hammock ($18)
Incredibly enough, there is a nylon hammock in there that can handle up to 265 lbs! I am a big fan of hammocks in the summertime, and I love the idea of a portable one, to whip out anytime on a beach or in someone's backyard who has trees to spare.

Now something adorable to pack your portable hammock in for those summer weekends - these Jaye Hersch weekenders from Intuition (plain - $100, monogrammed - $120). The shapes and styles remind me of Goyard bags, but at much better prices! As shocking as it may seem to all of you, I do not have any monogrammed bags in my possession - yes, even my LL Bean totes are plain (gasp!). That being said, I think I am very tempted to order the red and blue weekender:

Also, $35 of each bag sold goes to the International Rescue Foundation for helping educate children who have been affected by war. I'm all for a good cause, and it's an even bigger plus when it also helps my wardrobe as well! Check out all the styles, they have totes and shoppers too.

Another purchase of mine that I did manage to find a picture of on the internet is Jeffrey Campbell's Devine flat in Gold ($74). I also bought it in a Pucci inspired print, but I can't find that anywhere - it also comes in black, silver, tan and a leopard print!
I thought it was very cute - I was looking for a metallic flat, but every one out there seems to have some version of the Tory Burch buckle, and I like being different. They are very comfortable, but the sizing was weird - I ended up taking a 9 1/2 and am usually an 8 1/2 in his shoes! I've actually been finding that most shoes I try on aren't fitting me as they usually do, some of my friends have noticed this too.. Are all the shoe manufacturers changing their sizing lately or what?


Cloggsy said...

DIVINE is most definitely the word for those flat! YUM

Tres Poshe Preppy said...

Cute, cute stuff! Love the KJL pearl necklace and I HAVE to get that sleep mask, too darn cute! Thanks so much for posting! I always make references to Breakfast At Tiffany's like the "mean reds" and some people just look at me like I'm crazy so I'm glad that someone else gets the humor in it all!!! Good luck with everything!

Heather said...

I love the holly sleep-mask, it is too cute. If only I could stand to keep a sleep-mask on my face. That and my husband would make fun of me so bad if I wore it around the house.

RED said...

great finds! love the necklace and those flats, fabulous! good luck on the job search, hope you find a great 'fit' without the crazy boss.

Erin said...

Love the eye mask!! I have a similar one, but that is so close to the "original." Such fun.

Lovelyart said...

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