Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Shopping diet, and some hits for spring & summer..

I thought I would try to give up shopping, in an attempt to be, ahem, "fiscally responsible". Yeah. It's not going so well. I haven't bought anything yesterday or today, but I've definitely seen about 20 things I would really like to get. Including the following from J. Crew - I'm not always a fan of the crabs/lobsters/whales/etc alllll over clothing, but on these critter polos, I love the pink hippos and the black anchors! ($49.50 each)

There is no way this shopping diet of mine is going to stick. I know what will happen - I'll end up saving a bunch of money, only to say "okay, 3 weeks are over" and then I will probably go nuts buying everything I've seen and liked over the past 3 weeks.

Onto more happy dreams of spring.. I'm craazy about all metallic handbags, and I've purchased two metallic doctor bags from Intuition (I would post the pic, but they sold out & are no longer on the site - I'll take a picture and post when they arrive in April). The "Miroir" line from Louis Vuitton, however, is the ultimate - I love the speedy in silver and gold:
[Sorry if the picture is hard to see, but you can't find many pics of them online because they're special order only..]
I also kinda like this new Fendi bag, although Fendi is probably one of my least favorite designer labels, because I don't like their logo.. but I think this Crossword Grande Mirrored Bag (at $2,230) is really cool, and if you see it in person, it really sparkles:
Last but not least, what I think will be one of "the" dresses for spring.. It's been all over websites and fashion mags.. That being said, "mini" does not begin to describe it. I don't think it's physically possible to bend, sit, or even move in most directions without flashing the world. There has been alot of buzz about this dress, and I love eyelet, but I do wish they made it in other colors. It's the Milly A-Line Mini Dress ($338):
Even though I do think this dress is cute, in the price range that this dress is going for, I would probably go for a DvF dress over this one. She has to be one of my favorite dress designers (along with Cavalli) and I think her dresses are ultra feminine, timeless, classic, and extremely sexy. I especially love her vintage prints. One of the ones I like this spring is the Avara Wrap Dress in Large Scattered Ginko Green ($365):
I looked in my closet the other day, and realized that close to 40% of the dresses that I own are various shades of green.. I really need to start branching out on color.


Heather said...

did you see the green shoes I posted yesterday?

you might just find that you need them for all your dresses

Anonymous said...

I love the anchor polo! I'm holding back now, but I can't wait to get it!