Monday, February 26, 2007

Nautical bargains..

Last night's Oscars was eh. I thought most of it was cheesy and boring. Ellen was alright, she started off strong but started fizzling halfway through. The highlight for me was the sound effect chorus - I thought that was so crazy! I don't understand why they're leaving 45 seconds for speeches - I mean, maybe we don't need to hear the costume designer drone on for 3 minutes, but they should have let Jennifer Hudson speak! If you've ever seen "Oscar's Greatest Moments" videos, most of the "moments" are people's acceptance speeches.. We don't need to see random montages of movies that make no sense, just let the people make jokes/thank their agents/cry!

My favorite best dressed, in no particular order: Reese Witherspoon, Penelope Cruz, Helen Mirren, and Diane Keaton. YES, Diane Keaton. No one is talking about her, and I can't even find her picture online! It's about time she stopped dressing like Annie Hall on acid, and her dress was elegant and flattering. I hope someone pays attention to the fact that she looked amazing last night, for a change.

On to some nautical bargain buys.. This shopping diet is getting very hard, especially at these prices. From Wet Seal (of all places!):

Bow Front Stripe Cami

Big button trench coat

Kanga Pocket Striped Dress ($19.50) [I love this one!!]
Heart and Anchor tee ($14.50):

And last and least - which is amazing, this Nautical Chain Belt for {drumroll} $4.99!
Wet Seal also has free shipping on all orders over $70 - which is a nice change from the usual $100 that most sites offer. The coat, dress and belt have me supremely tempted....


Heather said...

the dress with the belt would be so cute

Melissa said...

You are not helping me on my shopping diet...

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