Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's Day, more food-related jewelry, and snow!

It finally snowed! The fact that it had to be today of all days really kills me, though. I had some serious plans tonight that I'm sure are going to end up being cancelled.

But, all that aside -


No better way to start off this sweet holiday than with a couple of sweet necklaces.. I think that my attempt at dieting is psychologically backfiring, and I'm now starting to wear food around my neck! These adorable cupcakes and ice cream cones are by iHotto for $35 each:

I think I might have to get one.. I caved and bought the strawberries yesterday - I got a large red and a large pink, just in time for V-Day!

February is always a weird shopping month. It's the remnants of winter, and the very beginnings of spring. I hate shopping this time of year, because it's always around now (i.e. the first real snow) that I realize that I need something like winter boots, and of course all the stores are sold out, or everything is on sale, and nothing in my size. But with this season begins the trickling in of new stuff for spring and summer, which I always feel somewhat silly buying because, lets face it, there's 4 inches of snow on the ground.

That being said, I'm crazy about this new bag from Kate Spade. The "Tisbury Monaco" bag is $325, and I think I'm going to have to get it.

I'm in desperate need of a straw/wicker bag, and I think this might be it. I bought a great white and gold woven clutch (the "Havana Lawnchair") from Kate Spade last summer, which had this adorable pink and green polka dot lining. This has a plain purple lining, which is just fine by me - I found a doctor bag that I loved last year, but it had the ugliest lining I'd ever seen. It really looked like someone threw up in the bag.

I think this could definitely be the best alternative to a plain straw bag that I've seen sofar. It also comes in orange and white leather, but I think the gold is the most versatile. Not to mention that although everyone is saying that metallics are "in" again for spring/summer, I think that you can always use metallic pieces in those seasons, no matter what the stupid fashion magazines say.

I just saw some poor guy take a huge digger outside on the street in the snow. On that note, lets move on to bathing suits, shall we? I just discovered Island Company and I LOVE it! Adorable bathing suits at great prices! Lately most of my bathing suits, besides the Vix ones at Bloomies, I find at Old Navy - they fit great, and I just bought the cutest preppy navy and kelly green one for 30 bucks!

But now that I've found these, I'm definitely going to have to order them. My favorites sofar are the Rugby stripe bikini ($92):
And the nautical Le French ($94):

But honestly I like most of the bikinis! it's going to be so hard to decide which ones to get...
The boardshorts for guys are nice too, but I would recommend them only for the taller men in your lives- I find sometimes that trunks that come to the knee on short guys tends to make them look pretty stubby.

Well, I don't know if anyone is actually reading this besides me, but have a happy valentine's day everyone, and if you're in the northeast, stay warm and bundled up.. all the while dreaming of bathing suits, sun, and sand.... Sigh.....


Melissa said...

Hi! Cute finds! Yes someone besides you is reading this! :)

Mrs. P said...

Happy Valentine's Day! I love those bikini's! Try to stay warm up there!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I found you through my technorati profile. You've got a great blog so far!