Monday, February 19, 2007

Happy Birthday Mr. Presidents..

TGIPD... Thank God it's Presidents Day! It was about time for a long weekend. Although I must admit, I'm planning on spending the entirety of this day indoors.. I really don't like duking it out at stores that are having sales. It's just not fun for me. I love getting deals and bargains, but I like doing it without throwing elbows and getting my eye poked out by flying hangers. I was going to attempt to be active and go to the gym, but #1 - it's freezing outside, and #2 my friend went and called me to let me know everyone and their mother had the same idea, and there's a 2 hour wait for an elliptical. So instead I've been sitting here playing around with Photoshop.. as you can see..

I did however make a recent purchase which I am so excited to wear. It's the Juicy Hooded Fleece Dress ($128) in Navy (it also comes in white and green, but I liked the blue the best). It's really comfortable, and actually looks alot better in person than on this model. Can't wait to wear it to the beach or just bumming around this summer..

I also found two more Juicy outfits that I really like.. This Cropped Jacket & Cuffed Shorts combo (jacket - $298, shorts $148):
I like the way they put the whole look together, but the shorts could be iffy for me... I don't really have Kate Moss thighs to pull it off. But I love the jacket - I have a similar one that was handed down to me by my mom, a vintage navy cropped jacket with a peter pan collar.. But I like the buttons on the Juicy one.

I also like the Juicy Tennis Accessories outfit, minus the shirt (jacket $158, skirt $88):
I wish that the pink was darker, because I think it has the possibility of washing me out. I'll have to swing by the Juicy store to check it out in person (I'll take any excuse to go there that I can get!)

I hope everyone is having a great long weekend!

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