Sunday, February 25, 2007

Chicken soup and the Oscars..

I've had the worst cold for the past couple of days, therefore why I was MIA. But I'm finally feeling well enough to sit in front of my computer and blog for a while, instead of lying in bed dying... Which isn't too bad on a snowy night like tonight, but the first part of the Oscars will be boring because the acting awards aren't until the end.

I've found a couple of cute things online lately, which I have made mental note of until my shopping diet is over.

The first, cute pink and navy bow slip-ons from Delia's, on sale for $20!
They look really comfy, too. Really cute with a jean skirt!

Next up, mini floral handbags from Intuition.. I'm usually not a flower-print person, but I actually think these are sweet! I like the Chanel-ish handles too. ($120):
Some more happy warm thoughts with this really cute Academy Bikini from Kushcush ($152):
I love the argyle-esque print and the colors! I can't wait to be tan... and not from the electric beach, either..

I'm also considering buying this belt from Nantucket Knotworks this summer, probably in pink and green. I've eyed it ever since I discovered the website, but I've only ever bought the bracelets. I like the fact that you can choose pretty much any color combo you want, and it's different and unique from the millions of ribbon belts out there, but still very preppy.
Lastly as I sign off to return to my sick bed, I think this tshirt is hysterical for all the single men in your lives - friends, brothers, cousins, etc.. from Busted Tees:

'Nuff said.


Melissa said...

I am working on a post on swimwear I'll probably finish later today and that swimsuit it - so cute!

Melissa said...

sorry, meant to say that swimsuit is in it.

Heather said...

i've had some sneaker ballet flats that were anything but comfy, and those delia's one look that they fit the same bill. I bet keds makes something similar, and they def have the whole comfort factor thing going.

Heather said...

look what i found...
Red and Blue Polka Dots

Anonymous said...

Got a cold here too so I hope you feel better soon! Very cute picks... I've been eyeing those belts too, please let us know if you end up getting one, I'm curious to know if they are as stiff as they look :)

Rina said...

People should read this.