Sunday, August 5, 2007

Spider pig, spider pig, does whatever a spider pig does...

I heart the Simpsons! And I think this tee is the perfect alternative to all of those "Little Miss" tees that everyone and their mother has... and it's also a great price at $15!

So I definitely was bad yesterday.. bad bad bad.. I was a little too overjoyed at Urban - they got in all this amazing stuff for fall (and usually I am very picky about Urban, but I have to say that either they have a new designer/new buyer or both, because the stuff is super cute!)

First was this Buffalo Plaid Scarf ($20)
I just fell in love with the colors.. can't wait to wear it!

Next, this Parker Wool Fedora ($28) Perhaps a little eccentric, but let me tell you - this is the first fedora that actually fits my head and looks cute...

This is THE perfect clutch ($48) because it's HUGE! I got it in black (*the toggle is gold, there's just a strange red reflection in the picture) and I'm so happy that I can finally carry a clutch AND throw all of my crap in it!
Also got these great skinny cords ($49) in this dark turq color.. Yummy!
Lusting after this new sweater from Ben Sherman ($79) sort of a pseudo-argyle print, but I love the colors:

Not to rule out summer completely, some more cheapie finds from Wet Seal:

Plaid heels ($24.50):
Voile Suplice Dress ($28.50)
And lastly from the fabulous Fred Flare, this funny alternative for a locket:

"My Album" locket ($14)


Anonymous said...

I'm all about the black clutch.

Samantha said...

Love all the things you found! Great blog! =)

White Lily said...

The fedora rocks!!! I'm lokking for one too, its the only hat I look good in.
And that dress! man what a bargain!