Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I'm back my lovelies..

I've been away for far too long and I won't bore you all with the excuses. Although (just this one) my computer is on it's last legs and frankly I can't afford to buy one at the moment... Because I have to buy boots instead.. ahem... Well summer has turned to fall (I think? It was 73 degrees yesterday...) and with fall comes fall clothing.. which at this rate I will be wearing in January!

Anyway - here are some recent internet items I stumbled upon, in no particular order:

From The Outfitters for Urbanites:
Wool Camden Blazer ($200) Pair this with skinny black jeans and a ruffled button-down, and you've got Ralph Lauren Black Label on the cheap!

Lux Exeter Blazer ($68) Love this - dress it up or make it punky with a graphic tee..

Spiewak Helena Cape
($150) Old school but fun... I wish it came in more colors!

Lux Layered V Neck Tank
($48) Being that I tend to be lazy, I like it when outfits are already chosen for me. LOVE this. (vest is attached to the tank)

Up next, Pink Mascara:

Mike and Chris Colton Jacket ($242) The comfyness of a sweatshirt, but so much chicer...

Dolce Vita Sass Suede Boot
($132) So cute and surprisingly affordable!

Also from Dolce Vita, but found at Intuition are these Moccasin Boots ($106).. Not sure why they're called that since they don't look like mocs, but I think they are v. nice flat boots..

Also in the flat boot category, these Ritte riding boots ($99.95) from Steve Madden - saw a girl try them on in the store, they are deceivingly flattering:
Awhile back, I got a very cute change purse from CKBradley. I wished they had made the pattern into clothing, and lo and behold, my wish has come true! Love the skirt:

Palmetto Skirt ($198)
On a final note, I am seriously disappointed in the handbags this season. I feel like most of the designers have regurgitated old designs in new colors and fabrics. Not cutting it, at all. Very upset. Something better change soon or I'm going to file a complaint with Marc Jacobs. In the meantime, this D&G Buckle Bag ($1,350) isn't bad but I'm not jumping up and down about it.

On that note, I'm off to get some beauty sleep and dream about new handbags that haven't been designed yet. More posts to come, promise!

Love you all like Britney loves her Cheetos..


Fash said...

lovin the dolce boots...

Tres Poshe Preppy said...

Welcome back!

Lady N said...

I love those dolce vita boots too! They look so sleek.