Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Team Stiletto!

I am waging a war. A war against clunky, dumb looking stacked heels. I mean honestly, who does this look good on? Chyna? Brooke Hogan? The shoes this season are so klutzy looking, with these giant ugly heels. I'm sorry, but I'll take my shoes with a side of femininity, please. The heels don't have to be sky-high, but can't they be pretty? And not look like they were made for a transvestite clown?

On the same shoe note, I am also not the biggest fan of the whole "bootie" craze for this season *insert screams from diehard fashionistas here*. BUT - that being said, I did find a FABULOUS bootie that I am obsessed with, that I also just got on SALE!

Nine West Naples Bootie
(on sale for $70)
They also come in black, also on sale for $70 - and since I bought two pairs in the store, I got an additional 20% off! Cha-ching! They look terrific with skinny jeans (CANNOT deal with the bootie+skirt look) and actually are very comfortable..

My next purchase today was a definite steal - I had a 15% off coupon from American Eagle Outfitters and I decided to pop in for a look around - wow, am I glad I did. THIS is what I picked up:

AE Navy Toggle Coat ($139.50)
I can't tell you how well this coat fits! It's almost like it was tailored.. and for $140 for a toggle coat, it's a pretty good deal!

I don't actually have a ton of monogram stuff (shocking, I know) and my monogram necklace is my staple Elsa Peretti initial. BUT - these necklaces from Intuition are pretty cute -

Kacey K. Monogram Necklace ($338 - $620)

As always, I love me some argyle, especially this new sweater vest from Vineyard Vines:

Aquinnah Sweater Vest ($98)

Now this brings me to my Vineyard Vines enigma - there is a magical mystery tote that exists on the website, but I can't find it anywhere! It's the patchwork tote in the below photo (I want I want I want!):
but under the "Totes and Wristlet: New Arrivals" column it isn't there. BOO!

Speaking of "boo", I'll leave you all with something from Kitson that will turn all your boo-boos into bad-ass..

Tattoo Bandage Assortment ($6.95)


Heather said...

I'm joining Team Stiletto with you. A thicker heel, o.k. (I love my coach stacked loafers), but most go too far and are UGLY!!! 4-inch Stilettos for life!

White Lily said...

Oh yeah! Totally against those thick heels.
Stilettos all the way.
When they are not appropriate (like, when??? duh!), I just wear flats.

Platforms and wedges? Well that's a whole different story...

Anonymous said...

I also have to throw in my disdain for the upturned toe (see Stella McCartney). YUCK!!


Lyn said...

vv tote is sold out :(