Friday, November 30, 2007

It's getting to be that time of the year...

For my favorite sample sale!! I'm keeping my ear to the ground, and I'm starting to get nervous. Twice a year, my beautiful addiction, DvF, has a sample sale. I hit up the one in summer, and boy did baby do good. However - the winter one is usually around this time - in about a week or so.. Yet I haven't heard any rumblings or received my usual flyer in the mail, and I'm getting antsy. I need a winter wrap dress, badddlyyy. I realized all of the wrap dresses I have have a significant amount of white in them, so that ix-nays them for anything too far past September. I guess I'll just have to keep waiting, and wishing, and hoping!

But speaking of outrageous bargains, I found this at Delias of all places! AMAZING!

Hooded Toggle Coat with Thinsulate, on sale for $89.50!!!! Also comes in grey and yellow!
Encroyable! I would totally buy this if I hadn't just bought a different toggle coat.. Can't really justify two navy blue toggle coats in my life.. but definitely thinking about this as a gift!

Also in the outerwear department, I just bought this at American Eagle and I am in LOVE with it! They were flying off the rack so I would advise to buy fast - it is super snuggly (made of sweatshirt material, but very heavy and warm) and looks amazing on:

Peacoat Hoodie
Now, to go under my new snuggly peacoat sweatshirt, I think you all know by now my extreme affinity for logo tees.. Weeelll - Delias also has some great deals on tees, if you buy two they give you $10 off! Which means, if I buy all of the following, then I'll get $20 off... hmmmm... Most of these are made by DOE, who has the best fitting tees...

Madeleine 2 Straight Lines ($24.50)
I Am Lisa ($24.50)
Lucy Loves Schroder ($24.50)

Sketchy Pooh

Now, t-shirts are all fine and good, but we all know that this is party season - in NYC at least, all these benefits and charity blah blah blahs are getting into full swing - and I'm running out of things to wear that classify as "festive". I HATE that dress code "festive dress". One of these days I'm going to go dressed as a christmas tree. Festive enough for ya?

As an alternative to both a christmas tree costume and the go-to little black dress:

Madison Marcus Strapless Mini ($260) OBSESSED with the color!

Satin Peep Toe Pump from Forever 21 ($18.80) (also comes in black)

And also from Forever 21:

Eleanor Sequined Dress

Mike & Chris Aldernon Clutch in White Gold ($265) I like clutches that aren't rigid - that way you can stuff as many things in as possible!

Last but not least - cute small gift ideas for stocking stuffers or Secret Santa:

Flower Desk Fan ($17) because we all know that the office thermostat does not always jive with our personal one...
And these three items from Intuition for the girl in your life who is constantly traveling:

Clever Luggage Tags ($12)

Metallic Bikini Travel Bag
Lingerie Travel Bag ($34)

Mile High Cell Phone/Blackberry Charger from Kitson ($24)
Borat Touristic Guide Book ($24.95)

Itsa nice, I like!!!!!!


CresceNet said...
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Kate said...

Just found your blog and love these picks, especially the first dress. I just missed a bunch of LA sample sales but hopefully there will be some good after Christmas sales.