Thursday, November 8, 2007

Toggles are my anti-drug..

This is my brain. This is my brain thinking about all things toggle. Ok, so I know I already bought a toggle coat in my last post, but I'm really kinda becoming obsessed. I even have the Boyfriend on the bandwagon. It's really a problem. I go into stores, I look at things, and then, out of the corner of my eye, I'll see one of those beautiful little oblong toggles attached to something, ANYTHING, hell it could even be a pair of socks, and the next thing I know I hear the register close and I'm on the street. Toggle blackouts, it's not good folks.

Let's start out with an item for the members of the male species:

Banana Republic Toggle Coat ($350)
YUMMY YUMMY YUMMY. And so affordable - granted, I've seen other toggle coats, but they are all up to about a grand... I'm pushing this on the Boyfriend, full speed ahead.

Next up, I know it's a little loud and a little bright, but I think it's fun - and it's always good to have colors in the middle of drab black-brown-grey winters:

Le Tigre Rainbow Toggle Sweater at Fred Flare ($88)

Now a find from Abercrombie (I must say, they have good coats)

Naomi Coat ($228)

A very affordable, very cute option from Old Navy -

Toggle Sweater ($34.50)

And my next favorite, from Dakota Martin:

Mills Poncho

I would have this already, but I can't decide which color I like best!!

Okay, I'm done with toggles. I'll just sit here and twitch for a while and discuss all things non-toggle.

Continuing with Dakota Martin, take a look at this blazer - it comes in Navy, which is the color I'm coveting:

Coulson Blazer

Yet another shirt I desperately want Boyfriend to have and wear:

Fred Flare Charlie Brown Tee ($28)

Also a cozy hat from FF:

Grey Chunky Knit Newsboy ($22)
Along the lines of cable knit, here are the cutest flats from Old Navy:

Cable Knit Ballet Flats ($19.50)
And, to save up for all these purchases:

Kitchy Coin Purse from Intuition ($18)
And, to keep warm and cozy on these frigid fall nights (besides a toggle coat)

the cute Campfire Candle Holder from FredFlare ($18)

And remember kids - do toggles, not drugs.


Heather at Grace303 said...

I love the toggle ponchos!

Tres Poshe Preppy said...

I'm a toggle fan myself! Love the poncho!

Anonymous said...

Oh my god! I came across you randomly. I can't decide what color to get the Dakota Martin poncho in either! I am leaning towards the navy because it will stay cleaner. Did you decide yet?

- Kelly

White Lily said...

Poncho! I WANT a poncho!!! :)