Thursday, March 15, 2007

"Beware the ides of March"

EEK! No, that's not a modernistic sculpture of Julius Caesar, it's the "Ex" knife set from Perpetual Kid at $100 (comes in other colors at $60) and I think it's hilarious. Perpetual Kid is a fun little site where you can find all sorts of interesting little gadgets and gags, like the following:

Sewer Cover Rug, $24
And these adorable Flip Flop Coasters, perfect for a summer party! ($36):
It's a cute site, full of fun stuff.. check it out, especially if you're in the market for a funny/unique present for the person who has everything..

Onto some shopping bargains at Delia's and Wet Seal..

Maribel Skirt ($28.50)
Sailboat Sundress ($30) - would make such a cute beach coverup!
and from Wet Seal, this Thermal Screen Hoodie ($21.50) - love the bow!
*Update* on Smashbox O Glow that I posted about last time - I went into Sephora to try it.. Definitely does not work as promised. My cheeks turned fluorescent pink, and when I wiped it off with a tissue, hot pink stuff came off.. which means that it is not a perfectly clear solution, but has color in it... Or my cheeks are secreting hot pink goop, which I really hope is not the case...

One last funny shirt from Delia's to leave you with -
Not quite Shakespearean, but it gets the point across.


Clare said...

LOVE the flip flop coasters. how adorable would that be if i had it for my open house?! and the sailboat dress'd def. be a classic. i love everything nautical! :)

RED said...

I love that sailboat dress - I still get delia's catalogs sent to my house and I've had the catalog open to that page, while I decide if I'll actually wear it or not. Oh and the perpetual kid seems right up my alley. Thanks for the great *fun* finds!

Tres Poshe Preppy said...

That tee is so funny, love it!