Monday, March 5, 2007

Here's a little ditty, about Shoes and Diane...

My happiness over this wonderful weather this weekend (including dragging spring shoes and clothes out of the back of my closet) has abruptly ended. No warm weather for me. Furry boots, back on. Boooo.

But, a girl can still dream, right? So onto my hunt for summer sandals. I desperately need a pair of gold and silver flip flops, to replace ones that I've had for 2 summers (from the Gap, no less!). I don't like plastic/rubber flip flops, the ones from the Gap had leather soles and plain triangle shaped front that was gold/silver. So last night I found these Yellow Box Fortune Sandals ($45) on Zappos - they're a little, well, bling, but I think they are different and cute:
They come in silver as well.. I think I might order them, hang onto them, and thanks to Zappos 365-day return policy, if I come across something better in the months ahead, I'll return them!

I found these Mystique Starfish Sandals on Kitson ($125)
I love love love them! I might wait a while on these until I've gotten all of my "summer necessities" out of the way...

These next ones aren't spring.. but I've seen them on tons of websites, and I think they are gross and remind me of Napoleon Dynamite.. They are the Snowjogger Boot from Kitson..
I think they're so ugly. BUT - this picture shows Lindsey Lohan wearing them, and they don't look terrible on! I'm so confused!
I even think, from that photo, that they look a little more flattering than Uggs... So, so confused...

Some new ballet flats from J. Crew, just arrived - the Lisette Ballet Flat ($118). These are my favorite prints (top: Pebble, bottom: Papaya Paisley):

Onto some new spring stuff from DvF.. notice that my weird subconcious addiction to green clothing is coming out once again..

Dagny Top in Giant Grass Kelly
Justin Cube Dress in Diamond Cube Orange/Pink ($325):
Now I realize that isn't green - BUT - the model on the website is wearing that dress in this print:

Jillianna Top in Diamond Cube Navy/Green
Which I like alot better. But I have better coloring for greens and navys than bright oranges and reds...

And lastly, I will leave you all with a very very funny Grey's Anatomy MadTV parody, to brighten your Monday...


Tres Poshe Preppy said...

Love the Mystique starfish sandals. Too cute! I'm SO ready for Spring!!!

suburban prep said...

just bought a pair of sandals similar to the starfish sandals. They are Carlos Santana from The price was right and the fact that they shipped them to me for -5.00 dollars was even better. they arrived last week and oh so cute.

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