Thursday, March 8, 2007

Say hi to Blimpy!

So I found these virtual pets and decided to get a little hamster for my blog. I was never allowed to have one as a child because they smelled so bad. But this little guy doesn't smell! You can feed him a strawberry and he runs around in his wheel. (I know, I'm a dork.)

On a random note - I'm now convinced that Starbucks puts drugs in their coffee. I can't stop drinking caramel machiattos. Can. not. stop. I need a Starbucks patch, or machiatto gum, or something!

I was very very bad today. Went to Bloomies and picked this one up (after all my posts about DvF, I get one I didn't even see!)

Jessica Wrap Dress:
I broke my green addiction! Yay!

Found some new cute bargains at Old Navy. Speaking of bargains - I still haven't taken pics of my H&M stuff, but I promise I will as soon as I can get my rechargeable battery to work on my camera, CTPrep!

Old Navy Long Belted Trench Coat ($34.49!!)
Always a classic.. I love anything that is double-breasted - so flattering.

Printed Babydoll Dress ($24): *WARNING* I tried these on today, and they definitely made me look preggers with the way they flared out. I think you have to have a certain frame to pull them off. I wish they looked good on me, sigh.

Here's some eyelet for Melissa at Perfectly Pink!

Strapless Eyelet Dress
This one didn't have the "maternity effect", but they didn't have one in my size.. I'm going to check another Old Navy tomorrow!

Now I realize that the Tory Burch fad is sweeping the nation, but since I like to be different, I recently found these Juicy Couture "Edith" flats ($225) that I think are a neat option for an embellished flat that isn't Tory Burch:
I didn't pick those up at Bloomies, I put my blinders on after buying the dress and ran away..

Can't forget another "Edith", though - I did peek out as I exited Bloomies at the new Chloe bags.. And I now crave their new "Edith 2" bag in black.. Here is an Edith 2 on sale for $1,020 at Bluefly in Green (but I want black)
Seriously yum.

Speaking of yum, I wonder if there is a 24 hour Starbucks somewhere in the city? That delivers? Hmm.


Melissa said...

Yay! Thanks for the eyelet! I loooove your new wrap dress.

Elizabeth H. said...

The Juicy flats are tres cute and a bit dressier than the Tory flats.

Elizabeth H. said...

Okay, I am having to tell myself to step away from the computer so I do not order the Juicy flats.