Thursday, March 22, 2007

I'm back, just in time for spring!


Wow! Life suddenly got ridiculously busy and I've barely had time for myself, let alone time to sit in front of my computer... which, in retrospect, is probably a good idea for my wallet. I really missed blogging! I kept seeing different things in stores to post about, and now that I have time to post I've forgotten 99% of them! But don't worry, this will still be chock full of goodies.

First off, hope everyone had a great St. Patty's day! Erin Go Bragh! I myself had quite a good time, perhaps not as much as this guy:

Moving on to shopping! First off, some finds from Dakota Martin:

I love her reversible scarf tops, and these two are my favorites ($154 each):

Love those colors for spring and summer. To give you an idea of how they look on:
Too cute! Also, I love the Patty Polo ($65) in Navy/Kelly Green w/Polka dots collar:
I could have sported that one for St. Pats, hmm. There are lots of other color combos as well. Check out the site, she has some really great stuff!

Now my wish list of finds from Pink Mascara:

Alexis Hudson Caesar Clutch in Brown ($275):
Kenneth Jay Lane White Flower Ring ($88).. So fresh and summery, I really might have to buy this one asap..
Rich and Skinny Leggy Jeans in Black ($176) The name of the brand cracks me up, plus I have been looking all over for a good pair of black jeans that aren't extreme low-rise.. I think this might be the one!
On the shoe front, found these cute Senora open flats for spring from Wanted ($40):

I saw another pair of great sandals from Wanted in a store downtown, but I don't know the name of the style and can't seem to find it anywhere online.. It had a Tory Burch-like embellished large buckle, and was a thong sandal, silver with a gold buckle and vice-versa.. was very cute!

And last but not least, the beach bag that I will be lusting after for the summer, the pink and green Couture Islands Bag with Towel ($165) from Juicy Couture:

I have a Juicy Couture towel from a couple of years ago, but nothing comes close to this adorable set...

Before I sign off, I need some advice from all the saavy fashionistas out there - I'm looking for jeans for my dear mater familiaris. She is in desperate need of a pair of high-waisted jeans (about a 9 1/2 inch rise) that still have a great cut, and aren't "old lady-ish". Anyone know of any brands/styles?

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